The OBS Notes Series is the peer-reviewed journal of the Ohio Biological Survey. Papers are freely available as they are published.(Click on the title of the paper to download.) Submissions are welcome on all aspects of the natural history of the flora and fauna of Ohio and the larger region of which Ohio is part. To submit a manuscript, or to ask questions about the journal, please contact Dr. Gene Kritsky, the OBS Publications Director.


Volume X

Korfel, C.A., R.M. Lehtinen, C.L. Richards-Zawacki, J. Fregonara, P.K. Williams, A. Loudon, B. Sheafor, L. Charbonneau, B. Wolfe, T.E. Hetherington, T. Krynak, G.J. Lipps Jr., E.M. Berent, N.C. Newman, and J.N. Garrett-Larsen. 2021. Infection Patterns in an Amphibian Fungal Pathogen in Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 10: 13-21.

Dean, D.H. 2021. A New Record of Burrowing Mayfly, Anthopotamus neglectus neglectus (Traver, 1935) (Ephemeroptera: Potamanthideae), from Ohio USA. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 10: 9-12.

Fitschen-Brown, M.S., A.D. Runyon, M.W. Sorrick, and J.M. Clark. 2021. Snake Community Composition in Unmanaged Grasslands of Different Successional Ages at the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 10: 1-8.


Volume IX

Tran, M. V., and A. Manning. 2019. Seasonal Diet Shifts in the Rusty Crayfish, Faxonius rusticus (Girard). Ohio Biological Survey Notes 9: 41-45.

Matson, T. O., 2019. Infection of American Bullfrog Tadpoles, Lithobates catesbeianus (Shaw), by Anchor Worm, Lernaea cyprinacea L., in Streams in Northeastern Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 9:35-40.

Faust, L. F., L. S. Hughes, M. H. Zloba, and H. L. Farrington. 2019. Life History and Updated Range Extension of Photinus scintillans (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) with New Ohio Records and Regional Observations for Several Firefly Species. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 9:16-34.

Bolton, M. J., S. K. Macy, R. E. DeWalt, and L. M. Jacobus. 2019. New Ohio and Indiana Records of Aquatic Insects (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Coleoptera: Elmidae, Diptera: Chironomidae). Ohio Biological Survey Notes 9:1-15.


Volume VIII

Jones, A. W., B. Weidig, J. C. Spetz, and C. L. Brennan. 2018. Bird Mortality from Fishing Lines: a Barn Owl Case Study. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 8:1-3.


Volume VII

Spring, M. R., K. S. Lustofin, C-H. Lin, M. M. Gardiner, and D. McShaffrey. 2017. Quantifying bee diversity and resource use in the Appalachian foothills near Marietta, Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 7:1-13.

Jones, A. W., and H. T. Bartlett. 2017. A bilateral gynandromorph Northern Cardinal from South Bass Island. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 7:14-16.

Matson, T. O., D. Smith, and S. Skerlec. 2017. A survey of the turtles of Mentor Marsh, Lake County, Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 7:16-20.

D. Conover, T. Sisson, D. Boone, and M. M. Riestenberg. 2017. A list of the vascular plants of Bender Mountain Preserve (including parts of the Delhi Township Property and Sisters’ Hill). Ohio Biological Survey Notes 7:21-33.


Volume VI

Leugers, S. D. 2016. A review of the current status of running buffalo clover (Trifolium stoloniferum) in Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 6:1-6.

Bohls, P. A., M. T. Nelson, K. N. Cooper, and J. M. Clark. 2016. Short-term effects of a prescribed burn on butterfly abundance and diversity in a restored northeastern Ohio prairie. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 6:7-13.


Volume V

Lowden, R. M. 2015. Central Ohio flora: summary of the vascular plant treatments of Franklin County, Ohio (U.S.A.), 1834-1997. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 5:1-17.


Volume IV

Gooley, A. C., and T. K. Pauley. 2013. Eastern spadefoot (Scaphiopus holbrookii) and other herpetofauna inhabiting an industrial fly-ash disposal site in southern Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 4:1-5.


Volume III

Quinn, E. M., and T. O. Matson. 2011. Population trends of three congeners of mole salamanders (Ambystoma) at an isolated pond in northeast Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 3:1-9.

Hagan, R. H., and R. G. Oldfield. 2011. The aquatic animal community in a Chagrin River tributary at Case Western Reserve University’s Squire Valleevue Farm. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 3:11-20.

Gooley, A. C., H. J. Stanton, C. J. Bartkus, and T. K. Pauley. 2011. The distribution of aquatic turtles along the Ohio, Great Kanawha, and Little Kanawha Rivers, West Virginia, with emphasis on Graptemys ouachitensis and G. geographica. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 3:21-28.


Volume II

Hambrook, J. A., B. J. Armitage, and M. Vis. 1999. Algal and macroinvertebrate assemblages of selected Ohio springs. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:1-24.

Glotzhober, R. C. 1999. Three new state records of Odonata from Ohio, with additional county records. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:25-33.

Chordas, S. W., III, and E. G. Chapman. 1999. Rediscovery of the water boatman Sigara signata (Hemiptera: Corixidae) in Ohio, with brief notes on habitat and distribution. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:35-37.

Chordas, S. W., III. 1999. Hesperocorixa semilucida (Hemiptera: Corixidae) new to Ohio, with notes on distribution, habitat, and color dimorphism. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:39-42.

Kritsky, G., J. Smith, and N. T. Gallagher. 1999. The 1999 emergence of the periodical cicada in Ohio (Homoptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp. Brood V). Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:43-47.

Kritsky, G., N. T. Gallagher, J. Smith, and A. Watkins. 1999. The decline of Cicindela hirticollis Say in Ohio (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae). Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:49-51.

Sanders, R. E., C. Staudt, D. Mishne, M. Smith, E. T. Rankin, C. O. Yoder, R. Thoma, D. Altfater, C. Boucher, K. Capuzzi, R. Miltner, B. Alsdorf, D. L. Rice, and T. M. Cavender. 1999. The frequency of occurrence and relative abundance of Ohio stream fishes: 1979 through 1995. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 2:53-62.


Volume I

Stark, B. P., K. W. Stewart, S. W. Szczytko, and R. W. Baumann. 1998. Common names of stoneflies (Plecoptera) from the United States and Canada. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 1:1-18.

Watters, G. T. 1998. Freshwater mussel surveys of the Big Darby Creek system in central Ohio. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 1:19-24.

Watters, G. G. 1998. Freshwater mussel surveys of the Fish Creek system in Ohio and Indiana. Ohio Biological Survey Notes 1:25-29.

Watts, J., and M. Albin. 1998. First Ohio nesting attempt of the Clay-colored Sparrow, Spizella pallida (Swainson). Ohio Biological Survey Notes 1:39-40.