The Ohio Biological Survey has been in service for well over 100 years now. Upon its creation in 1912 and the placement of Dr. Herbert Osborn as director, the Ohio Biological Survey produced its first publication that following year. At the time, the Ohio General Assembly only saw fit to grant the OBS a budget of $2,500 —which quickly grew with sponsorship— and by 2002 the OBS became an independent non-profit corporation.

While many members have joined over the years, directors changed, and over 170 publications were submitted, the OBS still stands on three key objectives. First, to gather accurate information on the occurrence, distribution, and ecology of the plants and animals in Ohio. Second, to publish the results of surveys and studies on the taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of plants and animals in or surrounding Ohio. Finally, to collect, identify, describe, and distribute educational and research-related materials on biology. It is through these efforts that the Ohio Biological Survey has become so well known over the years.

Between citizen science projects and a small grants program, the OBS continues to pursue knowledge of plants and animals in Ohio. The Survey opens its doors to all citizens of Ohio who may join and receive benefits such as discounts on publications. The Ohio Biological Survey believes that the public should be more informed about the ecosystems that support it and will continue to strive to understand biodiversity into the future!

Ohio Biological Survey Director History

  1. Herbert Osborn (1912-1954)–Director
  2. Dwight DeLong (1954-1957)–Acting Director
  3. Charles Dambach (1958-1969)–Executive Secretary
  4. William F. Hahnert(1969-1972)–Administrator
  5. Charles King (1972-1992)–Executive Director
  6. Brian Armitage (1992-2005, 2007)–Executive Director
  7. Guy Denny (2006)–Executive Director
  8. Dave Horn (2008-2011)–Executive Director
  9. Greg Smith (2011-2017)–Executive Director
  10. Constance Hausman (2017-present)–Executive Director