Dave McShaffrey

Dave McShaffrey, P.h.D

Dave McShaffrey is Professor of Biology, Environmental Science and Leadership at Marietta College.  He completed his BS and MS at the University of Akron and his PhD in Entomology at Purdue. Since joining Marietta College in 1989 he has worked with the Ohio Odonata Survey (later to become the Ohio Odonata Society); he did field work and museum research as well as writing 5 chapters and co-editing the 2002 book “Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio” published by the Ohio Biological Survey, and wrote portions of the ODNR pamphlet on Odonata.  He has been on both the advisory board and the board of trustees of the OBS.  His photographs have appeared in a number of journal articles, magazines, textbooks and field guides.  He is currently working on a field guide to Ohio Odonata.


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